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The Antiquities And Art Treasures ACT, 1972

          This Act is enacted to regulate the export trade in antiquities and art treasures, to prevent smuggling of and fraudulent dealings in antiquities.

Important Sections

Section 2 (1) – ‘Antiquities’ - which have been in existence for not less than 100 years Viz.,
            a. Sculptures in stone, terracotta, metals, ivory.
            b. Painting in paper, wood, cloth, skin etc
            c. Manuscripts

Section.3: It is unlawful for any person, other than the Central Government or any authority authorized by Central Government to export antiquity or art treasure.

Section.5: Antiquities to be sold only under a licence.

Section.14: Any person who owns controls or is in possession of any antiquity shall register the same before the registering officer and should obtain a certificate.

Section.25 : If any person exports or attempts to export any antiquity or art treasure is liable for punishment for a term not less than 3 months which may extend to 3 years and with fine.