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Awareness to Public before investing their money as fixed deposits in NBFC's


Invest in Companies and in Banks where you are sure of getting repayment

Nationalized Banks and Post Offices are the most secured places for your investments.

Wise investment is safe deposit.

Even if rates of interest offered by Banks and Post Offices are less, it is wise to invest your money in banks than in NBFC's, unincorporated bodies and other companies.


Do not invest your entire savings in NBFC's.
Do you know that the Reserve Bank of India has not guaranteed for repayment of deposits even in the cases of companies for which Certificate of Registration is given by ROC and RBI.

Do not be carried away by higher rate of interest that the company is offering.

Do not invest in long term schemes and deposits, because you will not be in a position to know how the company will perform in future.
Do not renew the deposit automatically on the maturity date. Get back the maturity proceeds and reinvest after going through the financial position of the company.
Do not deposit in companies which are newly incorporated.

Do not deposit in unincorporated bodies because they are prohibited from taking money from public other than specified relatives.

Do not subscribe for any scheme if the company has been declined registration by SEBI.

Do not go for chit subscription, even if one person in a group defaults, all others are at risk.

Remember, RBI has stipulated that only maximum 14% interest could be given by N.B.F.C 's.